At Epigen, we are a team of radical thinkers and doers who reimagine everything we touch. We apply industry-leading expertise and emerging technologies to identify and solve complex organizational challenges.

Our Core Practice Areas

We collaborate with the US’ leading government organizations to develop and deliver strategic plans designed to augment the workforce, improve productivity and increase profitability.


Professional Management
& Technical Services

We develop custom plans and playbooks dedicated to upskilling your team, improving your existing infrastructure and driving growth across your organization.


Information Security
& Compliance

We help establish and maintain the highest level of cybersecurity for your organization, ensuring your systems and infrastructure meet all organizational and governmental requirements.


Emerging Technology
& AI Readiness

We use emerging technology to help augment your workforce, unlock value from your data, and improve accuracy, productivity, and profitability across your organization.

Success to Date

We’ve developed frameworks and practices that consistently turn “where do we start” into “look what we’ve accomplished."

Get in on the innovation

If you’re a passionate, disruptive and imaginative individual, we want you on our team.

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