Beyond Blue Suits: Humans at the Heart of Innovation

Shaping tomorrow's leaders in the new age of professionalism.

We're a dynamic collective united by a shared enthusiasm for fearless innovation and a dedication to reshaping the narrative of professional culture. Our unique approach to professionalism is characterized by an unwavering commitment to expertise without ego and transparency without compromise, principles deeply ingrained in our identity. 

The Epigen team

Expertise without Ego, Transparency without Compromise

In a world often dominated by inflated egos and hidden agendas, we believe in delivering unparalleled expertise with a transparent approach. It's not just about what we know; it's about how we share that knowledge to empower you to feel comfortable exploring the infinite creative possibilities you have within you.

The Faces Behind Epigen

We're not just rewriting the script of professionalism; we're creating an inclusive narrative where authenticity and innovation thrive. Our team, seasoned in both corporate environments and unconventional approaches, understands that real innovation happens when you bring your true self to the table. It's a culture shift, an evolution – where jackets, jeans, and kicks are not just fashion choices but symbols of a workplace that values individuality and encourages dynamic thinking.

We've shed the suits without compromising professionalism. We put humans at the heart of innovation, acknowledging that every groundbreaking idea is rooted in the diverse experiences and potential of individuals.

Rashad Howard

Chief Executive Officer

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Rashad marries bold ideas and fresh thinking with data-driven insights and research to deliver innovative solutions and tangible impact for our customers.

Terry Rice

Chief Visionary Officer

Terry started Epigen to revolutionize the way companies identify, approach, and solve complex problems. A fifth-generation marine, Terry is passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to help clients unlock value and achieve strong ROI.

Donte Tanner

Chief Operating Officer

Donte is a decorated leader whose successes as a strategic visionary are predicated on his ability to identify, frame, and solve business/organizational problems via a multifaceted lens.

Aniesia Williams

Chief Client Officer

Aniesia Williams, Chief Client Officer at Epigen and Epigen Global UAE, is a seasoned marketer and brand strategist with over 20 years of experience.

Latisha Dougherty

Operations Manager and Contracts Admin

Latisha's extensive experience in government, coupled with her dedication and drive for growth, make her valuable in her role as Operations Manager and Contracts Admin.

Explore our open positions

Epigen champions diversity, inclusivity, and pay parity in the workplace, while seeking out varied viewpoints and educational backgrounds. If you're passionate about revolutionizing the landscape of strategic communications and want to be part of a team that's leading the change, we welcome you to delve into our current job openings. Navigate to our careers page to explore opportunities and find your place in the next phase of our pioneering journey.