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Redefining AI with EpiGenesis

EpiGenesis is a state-of-the-art conversational AI platform that offers immersive and personalized user interactions. It is the next generation of conversational AI, offering enhanced productivity and efficiency with daily tasks and deliverables.

Applying EpiGenesis

You can use EpiGenesis in the following ways:

Industry-leading chatbot

The platform offers human-like interactions, with the ability to provide real-time answers and insights to key questions. It can draft and provide various short and long-form written content, including articles, summaries, essays, code, emails and more, in real-time.

Platform engine

EpiGenesis acts as the core AI-engine for developers to integrate with their platforms and solutions. The platform offers endless applications across all industries and verticals, with the ability to offer personalized, real-time applications for your users. 

What sets it apart?

EpiGenesis offers unrivaled privacy and personalization while tapping into real-time insights.


Industry-leading Security & Privacy 

Built on our blockchain-based network, the platform offers industry-leading security and protection of your queries and information. Only you have access to and can control your information in the platform.


Next-level Personalization

EpiGenesis is trained on your personal data, with the ability to upload your own content to help limit bias while delivering hyper-personalized recommendations and answers.


Real-time data & insights

Unlike other AI solutions, EpiGenesis accesses real-time data and insights to help provide the most relevant and up-to-date responses to your requests and queries.

Getting started is simple


We’ll host a discovery session to understand your goals and objectives.


We’ll provide a detailed approach for how to implement EpiGenesis based on your use case.


Upon signoff, we’ll collaborate with your team to develop and implement EpiGenesis.

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