Epigen set out on a mission to find a new leader for their tribe.  Inline with their mantra of "Redefine Possible", the team decided to chronicle their process in a mini-series to broadcast to the world.

The stakes are high, and everyone involved is going through this process for the first time.  How will it all turn out?  Will the team be able to pull together a solid process for hiring?  Will the candidates be impressed with the Epigen team?  How will the founders deal with the transition?

Follow along in this journey as Epigen & Agency 641 presents,
The Search...for a new CEO.

The SEARCH - Track 04 - Any Path You Take, Will Lead You There

The SEARCH - Trailer

When we started this Epigen journey together, we knew it would come with the inevitable crests and troughs. We chose to ride the wave for a while wherever it took us, then decided it was time to create a new wave to go in a different direction.

We began searching for new leadership...a team that will understand the climate is changing, and that thriving in the new climate would require a new way of doing, seeing, and approaching business.

Redefine Possible often means we need to replace, realign, repurpose, reshape, react, and respond...differently. Re-engage with new thinkers to discover new options.

...and in the spirit of #redefiningpossible we figured why not televise our process. Please follow us as we engage in The Search...for a new CEO.

Track 01 - What Got You Here...

Growth and expansion and scale are all measurements at a point in time of a business's ongoing journey. In our first track (we replaced the word "episode" with "track" as a symbol of each being a pathway on the journey) we tell a simple we got to "here".

Track 02 - Slow Down to Speed Up

When attempting to #redefinepossible to solve problems, the first step is often to simply figure out what question to ask to identify the problem to be solved. When the question is clear and the problem is identified we can begin to move forward with the thinking necessary to begin to create solutions of value.

We believe that requires us to slow down first to consider all the options. Once the options are known and a decision is made, we can begin addressing the issue at lightning speed. So...our second installment in #TheSearch for a new CEO is just that.

Track 03 - Slow Down to Speed Up

When searching for unicorns, you must call in people with unique skills in finding, feeding, and herding unicorns. We found that only unicorns themselves know where the way to the unique and safe spaces where their colleagues' rendezvous and thrive.

Ladies and gentleman, we introduce to you the unicorn team in Executive Search led by Desmund Adams in the next installment as he guides you (as he did us) through his unique methods and pathways to more unicorns.

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